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Dentures are vital in restoring oral function and aesthetics for patients with missing teeth. If you have missing teeth or damaged teeth, it is important replace your missing teeth. Missing or damaged teeth can lead to further oral health problems that impact your overall health. They can lower your quality of life and affect how you eat, talk, and smile. These side effects can lead to frustration and lower self-esteem.

Replacing missing teeth with dentures is a great way to improve your health and confidence. With all the advances in dental technology, dentures can be custom-made to look just like your natural teeth. Longview Family Dental can provide you with a set of dentures in Longview, TX that look natural and function well.

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What Are Dentures?

A denture is a dental appliance designed to replace missing teeth and the surrounding tissue. Crafted from various materials, such as acrylic, metal, or a combination of both, dentures aim to restore the appearance of the smile. They also support facial muscles and facilitate essential functions like chewing and speaking.

Different Types of Dentures

There are various types of dentures available for our patients. The type you need will depend on your unique needs, circumstances, wants, and budget.

Full Dentures

Full dentures, also known as complete dentures, replace an entire arch of missing teeth on the upper or lower arch. They rest directly on the gums and are held in place by suction. Some patients will also need denture adhesive to help them remain in place. While they do not return a patient’s full biting abilities, they will provide a functional and aesthetic solution for individuals with no natural teeth in one or both arches. They are appliances that must come out daily to rest the gums and for cleaning.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are designed for individuals with some remaining natural teeth. You can wear it on the upper or lower arch. A partial denture has replacement teeth attached to a framework that clasps onto the remaining natural teeth. They ensure stability and prevent the movement of the adjacent teeth. However, sometimes the metal clasps can be seen when you are speaking or smiling, creating aesthetic issues. They also put a strain on the teeth holding the prosthesis in place. A partial is also removable and should come out daily.

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures, or implant-supported dentures, combine the stability of dental implants with the convenience of dentures. Dental implants are titanium posts that a dentist or oral surgeon surgically place in the jawbone. They replace the missing teeth roots and provide a platform to secure the denture. The implant fixtures will fuse to the jawbone to create a secure and durable base to hold the denture. This option provides enhanced stability, improved chewing efficiency, and a more natural feel compared to traditional, removable dentures.

Process of Getting Traditional Dentures

The process begins with a comprehensive consultation. Your dentist will assess your oral health, take impressions, and discuss your preferences and expectations. If you have remaining natural teeth, your dentist may suggest an extraction. They will perform this step before the denture fabrication process begins.

We will take precise impressions and measurements of your oral structures to ensure a proper fit and optimal function of the dentures. Then we will create a wax model of the dentures for you to try on. This allows us to make adjustments before the final dentures are fabricated.

Once we complete the adjustments, the final dentures are fabricated. Your dentist ensures a proper fit and makes any necessary final adjustments during the placement appointment.

We will provide you with instructions on how to care for your dentures. This will include how to clean and maintain them. If you have any concerns or require an adjustment, schedule a follow-up appointment.

Process of Getting Implant Dentures

The process begins with the surgical placement of dental implants into the jawbone. You will need about 2-8 dental implants to secure a denture. A healing period will follow that lasts about 3-6 months. During this time, the bone and the implants will fuse. You will wear a temporary denture during this period.

After the healing phase, we will take impressions to create your custom denture. The denture may be fixed (permanent) or removable, depending on the patient’s preferences. We will attach the final implant denture to the abutments, providing stability and functionality similar to natural teeth.

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