Teeth Bonding Longview, TX

Teeth bonding, also called dental bonding, is a popular and effective cosmetic dentistry treatment that dentists at Longview Family Dental use. The procedure can restore the appearance and function of damaged, discolored, or misaligned teeth. This non-invasive and affordable cosmetic treatment option has gained popularity over the years because it is readily available to enhance smiles with minimal intervention. Our team of dentists offers teeth bonding in Longview, TX for patients seeking a versatile cosmetic treatment option that is effective and affordable.

teeth bonding in Longview, TX

What is Teeth Bonding?

Teeth bonding is a dental procedure in which a tooth-colored composite resin material is applied and bonded to the surface of your tooth. This resin is carefully shaped, contoured, and polished to match the natural tooth, effectively concealing imperfections, and enhancing the overall appearance of your smile. Unlike other cosmetic dentistry options, dental bonding does not require dental impressions or laboratory work, making it a quicker and more convenient solution.

What Conditions can Tooth Bonding Treat?

Teeth bonding is a versatile treatment that can address various dental issues, including:

  • Chipped or Cracked Teeth: Dental bonding can repair minor chips and cracks in your teeth. The treatment will restore your tooth’s integrity and appearance.
  • Discolored Teeth: If you have stained or discolored teeth, whether due to aging, smoking, or excessive consumption of coffee or tea, we can treat you with teeth bonding to achieve a brighter, whiter smile.
  • Gaps between Teeth: Bonding can fill small gaps or spaces between your teeth, providing you with a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing smile.
  • Misshapen Teeth: We can reshape or contour irregularly shaped teeth using dental bonding, creating an even and aesthetic smile.
  • Exposed Tooth Roots: Your dentist can use teeth bonding to cover and protect exposed tooth roots, reducing sensitivity and enhancing oral comfort.

The Teeth Bonding Procedure

  • Consultation: The process typically begins with a consultation with Dr. Christopher Goelz. During your appointment, your dentist will assess the dental concerns you have with your teeth and determine if tooth bonding is the best solution.
  • Preparation: Usually, anesthesia is not required unless we are using dental bonding to fill a tooth cavity. Your dentist will prepare the tooth by roughening its surface and applying a conditioning liquid. This will help the bonding material adhere to the tooth better.
  • Application: Then your dentist will apply the tooth-colored composite resin to the prepared tooth. Your well-trained cosmetic dentist will carefully shape and mold the resin by hand to achieve the desired appearance.
  • Bonding: To harden the resin to the tooth’s surface, your dentist will use a special light. You may need multiple layers of resin to create a strong and durable bond.
  • Finishing Touches: The last step is the finishing touches. Your dentist will trim, shape, and polish the bonded resin so that it matches the natural teeth seamlessly. This step ensures a smooth and natural-looking result.

How Do I Care For My Bonded Teeth?

Proper care is essential to maintain the longevity and appearance of your bonded teeth:

  • Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene: Brush your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and floss daily to remove plaque and prevent tooth decay.
  • Avoid Staining Agents: Limit the consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco, as they can stain the bonding material over time.
  • Attend Regular Dental Check-ups: Visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings to ensure the bonded teeth and your overall oral health are well-maintained.
  • Avoid Biting Hard Objects: Avoid biting on hard objects like ice, pens, or fingernails to prevent chipping or breaking the bonded material.
  • Wear a Protective Mouthguard When Appropriate: If you grind your teeth at night, consider wearing a night guard to protect the bonded teeth from excessive wear and damage.

Schedule a Consultation for Teeth Bonding in Longview, TX

Dental bonding is a simple, effective, and aesthetically pleasing solution for various dental imperfections. Book your consultation today with Dr. Christopher Goelz to learn more about teeth bonding in Longview, TX. You can reach our dentist office by calling 903-662-7811 or you can request an appointment online by filling out the form.