Custom Mouthguard Longview, TX

You need a mouthguard if you or your child play contact sports like lacrosse, basketball, football, and hockey. Hits to the mouth or face from sports equipment or other players. Custom-made professional sports mouthguards protect teeth, gums, jaw, and braces. At Longview Family Dental, we provide custom mouthguard treatment for children, teens, and adults in Longview, TX. Wearing an athletic mouthguard during sports can prevent dental emergencies like chipped, cracked, and knocked-out teeth. 

Custom Mouthguard in Longview TX

Why Get a Custom Sports Mouthguard?

Mouthguards are protective, like helmets, pads, and other protective sports gear. Custom mouthguards protect the mouth. There are many benefits of custom-made mouthguards. Sports mouthguards:

  • Protect teeth from chips, cracks, breaks, and loss
  • Prevent damage to soft tissues (lip, cheek, tongue)
  • Protect braces, wires, and brackets
  • Reduce the risk of neck or jaw injury

Common store-bought mouthguard options are stock mouthguards. However, stock mouthguards you can buy in a store do not offer a custom fit. These mouthguards come in one size.

Boil-and-bite mouthguards are softened by boiling water. Then, you can make an impression on the mouthguard with your teeth. These mouthguards may seem customized, but boil-and-bite mouthguards only come in one size, like stock mouthguards. Store-bought mouthguards are often too bulky because they do not offer a custom fit.

If your sports mouthguard is too tight, it can create tooth pain and soreness. A mouthguard that is too loose can fall out of your mouth during a game. As a result, you need to clench your teeth to keep the mouthguard in your mouth. Regular teeth clenching can put stress on your teeth and jaw. 

Getting a properly fitted mouthguard can help you focus on your game. Your mouthguard should fit snugly over your teeth. A custom-made mouthguard should fit over most of the top teeth. It should not cover the molars, which can trigger your gag reflex.

Getting a Custom Mouthguard in Longview, TX

It takes two office visits to get a custom sports mouthguard. During your first visit, we will take your dental impressions. If you or your child have braces, we will ensure there’s enough room for the brackets and wires.

We will send these impressions to a dental lab, where technicians create your mouthguard from flexible plastic. Then, at your next visit, we will double-check the fit of your mouthguard. Your mouthguard should fit snugly over your top teeth without feeling too bulky.

We will provide you with a mouthguard case. This part of the treatment is exciting for kids because they can choose the color of their mouthguard case.  

Are TMJ Night Guards and Mouthguards the Same?

Night guards and mouthguards can look similar. However, you cannot use them interchangeably. TMJ night guards use hard acrylic that covers the upper or lower teeth. Night guards prevent teeth clenching and grinding during sleep. Wearing a custom TMJ night guard also prevents problems like jaw pain and headaches.

Sports mouthguards use flexible plastic that covers the front of the top teeth. Mouthguards help absorb some of the shock from hits to the face. Wearing a night guard during sports would not sufficiently protect your teeth. Additionally, wearing a sports mouthguard at night will fall out of your mouth and will not stop teeth grinding. 

Custom Mouthguard FAQs

Learn more about custom mouthguard treatment in Longview, TX, with answers to these common questions:

How do you clean sports mouthguards?

Clean your sports mouthguard with a toothbrush, liquid soap, and water. Do not use hot water, as hot water can warp the plastic. You should clean your sports mouthguard before and after each use.

Why does my sports mouthguard smell?

If you do not thoroughly clean your mouthguard, it can smell as harmful bacteria build on the mouthguard. Remember to clean your mouthugard when in use. For a deep clean, use a mouthguard soak. A dissolvable soak will help sanitize your mouthguard. 

How often should you replace your sports mouthguard?

We recommend replacing sports mouthguards after every season or every six months. Children often need to replace their mouthguards as they lose their baby teeth and their permanent teeth grow. If your child notices a change in the fit of a mouthguard, or if you lose your mouthguard, contact us for a new one.

Why do sports mouthguards only cover the top teeth?

Most sports mouthguards cover only the top teeth because these teeth protrude over the bottom teeth. As a result, the top teeth are more prone to hits.

Covering the top and bottom teeth is not required for most sports. Only boxing mouthguards cover the top and bottom teeth. Mouthguards covering the top and bottom teeth are bulky and make speaking difficult. 

What is the most effective mouthguard?

A custom-made mouthguard provides the best fit. Mouthguards that are customized to cover your teeth or braces are fit for your mouth. A custom fit means you have a layer of protection from hits to the mouth. This protection can effectively prevent tooth damage and loss. Store-bought mouthguards will not fit properly, which will not effectively protect your mouth.

How much are sports mouthguards?

The cost of sports mouthguards depends on the type. Stock mouthguards are the least expensive. However, they are not custom-made for your mouth. Boil-and-bite mouthguards cost more than stock mouthguards. While they may seem more customized, they come in one size.

Custom sports mouthguards made by a dentist are the most expensive options. However, the cost of custom sports mouthguards is worth it for many patients. A sports mouthguard made for your mouth will better protect you from hits to the mouth. The best-fitting mouthguard will reduce your chance of needing further dental care.

Protect Your Smile

Prevent tooth chips, cracks, breaks, and loss with a custom sports mouthguard. Get a custom mouthguard for you or your child in our dental office in Longview, TX. Call Longview Family Dental at 903-662-7811 or schedule an appointment online.

Please let us know if you have questions about sports mouthguards on your next visit. We will be glad to assist you.