Benefits with Dental Crowns

Though durable, your teeth can suffer damage for a number of reasons. If the enamel wears down or sustains structural harm, you will need a dentist’s help to repair the damage. They can use a dental crown, a ceramic cap, to cover the tooth, enhancing its appearance and providing protection for the tooth.

You can feel confident about receiving this dental work when you understand the advantages a crown can provide. Read on to discover four of the many oral health benefits you can experience when you pursue dental crown treatment.

dental crown treatment advantages

4 Uses for Dental Crowns

Replace Weakened Tooth Enamel

Your teeth feature a hard outer layer called enamel which serves as a shield over the more sensitive interior of your tooth. Though strong, enamel may erode over time for a number of reasons, including some factors outside of your control. When this occurs, you can feel tooth sensitivity and experience a higher risk of cavities and other dental concerns.

Once enamel is gone, it cannot regenerate. But your dentist can replace thinned or weakened enamel with a dental crown. The cap seals into place with dental cement for a long-lasting hold. Its durable ceramic material will create a solid barrier that provides protection for the tooth once again.

Fix Broken Teeth

A tooth can experience gradual damage like enamel erosion, but it may also suffer a dental injury. Not only will a chip, crack, or fracture in your tooth disrupt the look of your smile. It will also create a vulnerable spot on your tooth that can leave you in danger of further dental problems.

Seek prompt repair of a broken tooth by scheduling an emergency dentist appointment. A dentist can restore the appearance, structure, and health of your damaged tooth with a dental crown. It will cover a dental injury and remain in place for fifteen years with proper oral health care.

Brighten Stained Teeth

Over time, your teeth can become yellow, stained, or dull in color, which can serve as a blow to your self-esteem. Your dentist can use cosmetic dental solutions to whiten your smile. But a dental crown can improve the appearance of your tooth color too.

A dentist constructs a crown on a personalized basis for each of their patients. This means they factor in their dental needs along with the size and shape of their natural teeth to ensure a comfortable and natural-looking fit. They can also consider the patient’s aesthetic goals to make the affected tooth look brighter as well.

The crown will resist staining for long-lasting aesthetic enhancement. The cap covers the stain to ensure the tooth looks whiter and more gorgeous.

Support Other Dental Work

A dental crown offers highly effective restorative benefits on its own. But a dentist also uses a crown in conjunction with other dental procedures as well with great success. For instance, a crown makes for a perfect prosthetic tooth atop a single dental implant.

A dentist also employs a crown to shield a tooth after root canal therapy. This keeps the tooth safe from further harm after being made vulnerable after this treatment. Dentists cover a tooth with a crown after treating advanced tooth decay too when a filling does not provide enough coverage.